According to Bloomberg NEF analysts, installed solar capacity could exceed 200 GW globally in 2021.

Bloomberg NEF analysts expect global solar capacity to exceed 200 GW in 2021 according to the optimistic scenario, and to reach 169 GW according to the normal scenario. Analysts expect China to continue playing a leading role in the installed solar capacity.

Analysts expect installed solar capacity to increase by a third in 2021 despite high polysilicon and freight prices; they say that Chinese state companies’ installing more solar power systems than expected to meet their renewable energy targets will be effective in this increase.

Expecting polysilicon production to increase by 29 percent in 2022 and 57 percent in 2023, Bloomberg NEF predicts that polysilicon prices will remain within the range of 15-20 dollars per kilo in 2022.

The MAC Global Solar Energy Index, which was formed by Bloomberg to measure the share performance of solar-related companies, has fallen by nearly 15 percent this year, with the rise in polysilicon, steel and freight prices. Analysts, on the other hand, continue maintaining their bullish forecasts for solar stocks. (BloombergHT)