The fourteenth EIF World Energy Congress and Fair will be held at Antalya ANFAŞ International Congress and Fair Center on October 13-15 this year.

The fourteenth EIF World Energy Congress and Fair will be held at Antalya ANFAŞ International Congress and Fair Center on October 13-15 this year. It is stated that many local and foreign participants have shown great interest in the congress.

It is stated that many topics such as increasing renewable energy investments, efficient use of solar energy, establishment of solar fields, domestic production in energy, opportunities provided by regulations, environmentally friendly progress with carbon neutral measures, financing processes and Turkey’s being in an important geopolitical position in terms of energy in the global arena will be discussed at the fair.

This year, Memiş Kütükçü, President of the Organized Industrial Zones Supreme Organization, became the President of the EIF Congress. More than 220 local and foreign speakers, who are followed by the whole world in the field of energy, will attend the Congress. More than 400 leading companies in the domestic and foreign sector will attend the congress, which will be held at ANFAŞ this year. Sector representatives will have the opportunity to exhibit their design and technology advantages and new generation technologies at the spaciously designed stands.


Memiş Kütükçü, the President of the Organized Industrial Zones Supreme Organization, who is also the President of Konya Organized Industrial Zone, said, “In this age, factories are rehabilitating themselves both in terms of energy efficiency and self-consumption. In this context, EIF Energy Congress and Fair is of utmost importance. This year, we will host many local and foreign guests at our congress in Antalya thanks to international flights. We must do our best as the whole sector to enable the renewable energy systems to be built readily in the next 5 years, to maintain the campaign of ‘energy transformation at OIZs’ with the investments of companies and the intense support of the public, to establish OIZs, industrial institutions and factories that will produce their own energy and serve as a model to the world so that OIZs will obtain the energy they will consume from the sun with a method more compatible with nature.”

Participants from many different fields such as representatives of energy production, distribution and sales companies, officials of public institutions, academics, commercial attachés and embassies, representatives of chambers of commerce and industry, officials of R&D and educational institutions, municipal officials, informatics and software experts, representatives of non-governmental organizations representatives of multinational companies, representatives of finance and insurance companies, law and consultancy companies, analysts, technical consultants and engineers, and members of the press will attend the congress this year.


The 14th EIF World Energy Congress and Fair is expected to bring together all the stakeholders of the industry. The congress, in which various issues related to energy production in the world and in Turkey will be discussed, will be held with the support of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources. The aim of the congress is to evaluate various energy sources and energy markets with all their dimensions, and to discuss and deal with the latest developments and applications in terms of various aspects. The opportunity for energy start-ups to meet and come together with the industry, the meeting of producers and investors in clean energy, and the introduction of innovative products and solutions are among the other agenda items of the fair.

Over 300 domestic and foreign companies from more than 60 countries, senior government officials and the most important companies of the world are expected to attend the EIF World Energy Congress and Fair, where all the stakeholders of the energy sector will meet with the approach ‘Energy is Our Future-Energy is Future’.


EIF Chairman of the Executive Board, Çiğdem Dilek, who is an Energy Law Specialist, made the following statement regarding the issue: “We set out to make a dream come true: Turkey producing its own energy and the world producing its own energy… We are working hard to do our part. In line with the Paris Climate Agreement, we will hold the congress at EIF by saying, ‘We aim to reach zero carbon emissions by 2050’. I am happy to invite the whole industry to EIF, which is a comprehensive three-day congress and fair. With our agencies and network in Europe, Asia, Africa and especially in the Middle East, we invite companies from all fields of energy to our event, and we will provide our visitors a comfortable meeting with an open office system in an environment isolated from the congress program.”


Bilateral business meetings with the participation of all stakeholders of the energy sector will take place for 3 days at the EIF International Energy Congress and Fair, which will be held with the support of the T.R. Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources and the Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA). Along with commercial agreements, important topics of the energy sector in the world and in Turkey will be discussed. Governmental level delegations and senior executives of international companies will take part in the sessions. The congress will be held simultaneously in 5 halls and it will be possible to get up-to-date information and access to presentations on important topics of the energy sector in those sessions.

Among the focus topics of the 14th EIF International Energy Congress and Fair are YETA Model and Renewable Energy Investments, YEKA Competitions and Renewable Energy Investments, Electricity Production from Renewable Energy Sources, Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Geothermal Energy, Biomass Energy Production, Hydroelectric Energy, Current Developments in Electricity Distribution, Financing of Energy Investments, Turkish Energy Legislation Discussions, Operation, Maintenance and Modernization in Power Plants, Smart Cities, Electricity Storage, Storage, Localization in Energy Technologies, Digitalization in the Energy Sector, Turkish Petroleum and Natural Gas Markets.


Attracting attention to the fact that energy companies, especially European and African energy companies, have a great interest in Turkey, Murat Dilek, Domino Fairs Chairman of the Board, stated the following: “EIF World Energy Congress and Fair is a platform where a wide range of issues related to energy production in the world and in Turkey will be discussed. The aim of EIF 2021, which will be held with the support of T.R. Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, is to discuss various energy sources and energy markets with all their dimensions and to form an environment where the latest developments and applications can be discussed and addressed from many aspects. EIF virtually became a “Specialization and Expertise Summit” of the industry in 14 years. When we look at our EIF fairs, our investors and experts, whom we invite to our fair with pinpoint accuracy, and the fact that our exhibitors and visitors can meet with relevant and authorized people at every session in the Hall and at B2B and B2C meetings, show EIF’s feature of being an “expertise fair”. Each fair is virtually a “timeline” for the whole industry, where we demonstrate the rapid development of our country in energy. A total of 247 local and 58 foreign companies and more than 14 thousand sectoral delegates attended EIF. Every year, the feedback we receive from both domestic and foreign investors of the sector and our participants is always satisfactory with an increasing tendency. As for the congress, with at least more than 30 sessions, hundreds of local and foreign speakers, we discuss the developments in the sector as the Public Sector and Private Sector with the right participants. We expect the whole industry to come to Antalya this year, saying that the support we give to the industry will increase every year.”

Murat Dilek also said, “As the EIF Family, we aim to bring together more domestic and foreign investors, industry leaders, public and non-governmental organizations with the whole industry, with all this learning and knowledge.” He added the following:

“We will hold one of the most important energy events in the world on 13-15 October 2021 in Antalya. Many reasons were effective in choosing the province of Antalya. The fact that Antalya is a world city and that there are direct flights to Antalya are among the leading reasons for us to choose Antalya. Thus, we will be hosting industry actors and investors from many countries abroad at EIF, Turkey’s largest energy event, this year too. We are honored to see the whole industry among us again this year, as every year, at EIF, the meeting point of the energy world.”


The European Commission – European Enterprise Network makes all announcements related to EIF Energy Congress and Fair from more than 200 offices around the world and contributes to the participation of the delegations in EIF Energy Congress and Fair to be held in Turkey.

EIF Chairman of the Executive Board, Çiğdem Dilek, who is an Energy Law Specialist, said, “In October, we will be bringing delegations from foreign countries to enable B2B meetings for EIF fair participants. With our network, we are working on commercial support for EIF Participants and their delegates through more than 600 member organizations in more than 60 countries around the world. You can get more than short chats with bilateral meetings. You can form a comprehensive and professional social network by meeting many participants from different parts of the world in your field of expertise. Thanks to the special appointment system we have formed, you can find the opportunity to make short or long-term business agreements by meeting face to face with the company of your choice prepared beforehand. As you leave our congress, you will have the chance to take your experiences, new investment opportunities, friendships and partnerships that you will make during our event with you.”


Murat Dilek, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Domino Fairs, which is the organizer of the congress, and the President of the Global Energy Association, pointed out that foreign investors have changed the route for energy investment, and said, “The ‘Climate 2050’ approach, which gives its name to our congress, clearly shows the importance of our industry. Yes, energy is the future. As Turkey, both our state and our private sector, we are aware of this fact, and we continue our efforts to reveal our country’s potential in the most effective way and to gain a sound place in the world energy arena. The point we have reached in the last 17 years clearly shows our strength, experience and determination in this field.”


Stating that they now act as an energy investor agency in order to lead the interest of foreign investors in Turkey to the right channels in the electricity, natural gas and mining sectors and to be a guide in energy due to their experience in fairs, Dilek said, “This year, we foresee that investors will take more courageous and prudential steps so that the share of the renewable resources will increase in energy production.”