On-Grid Systems:
Large Scale Roof SPP Projects (≥MW)
Medium Scale Roof SPP Projects (≤ MW)
Rooftop or ground-mounted energy projects of industrial buildings
Hybrid Land Projects
Hybrid Floating SPP Projects

Off-Grid Systems:
Submersible pump systems for irrigation projects
Lighting systems
Telecommunications systems
Off-grid residential areas
Vineyard Houses and Farmhouses
Construction Site Container applications
Mobile applications
Park and Garden Lighting Systems
Base stations and Antenna systems
City Furniture (Bus stops, Billboard, etc.) Lighting systems

Periodic technical maintenance of energy facilities
Operation of energy facilities
Emergency Response, troubleshooting
Remote Monitoring and intervention
PV Module cleaning and technical controls
High Voltage Facilities Operation Responsibility
Private Security Services in Energy Facilities
Continuous Technical Maintenance Services in Construction Facilities
Periodic Technical Maintenance Services in Construction Facilities
Automation Management in Construction Facilities
Energy Management in Construction Facilities

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Device Solutions
Software Solutions
Infrastructure & Installation
Onsite Service & Maintenance
Predictive Maintenance
Project & Feasibility