With more than 10 years of energy sector experience, our team is engaged in wind, natural gas, biogas and electricity trade as both investors and professionals. Having come together to transfer this knowledge and experience to the Solar Energy Systems sector, our team aims to provide EPC and maintenance-repair services at every point of Turkey and abroad with IstanbulGES. Our company offers high quality service and nature-friendly solutions to domestic and foreign SPP investors on this path that we set out by prioritizing the satisfaction of our stakeholders and customers. IstanbulGES has adopted the principle of leaving an innovative, sustainable and greener world to future generations with its projects in the field of renewable energy.


Complying With Current Legislation and Regulations Unconditionally

Attaching More Importance to Business Ethics and Quality Service than Business

Ensuring that Every Employee and Manager Work Harmoniously in the Company

Keeping Up with the Technological Developments by Following them Closely

Prioritizing Durable Materials and Permanent Workmanship in Our Services

Training the Personnel in Practice and Ensuring the Continuity of the Trained Personnel

Being Aware of the Fact that the Company’s Interests are the Result of Customer Satisfaction

Making no Concessions on Our Customer-Oriented Quality Service and Ensuring Its Continuous Development

Minimizing System Risks by Acting Proactively

Making no Concessions on International Standards and Always Following Standards

Regularly Checking Our Suppliers’ Quality and Service Levels

Being Sensitive to Changing Market and Customer Demands and Being Open to Development

Contributing to Turkey’s Economy by Doing Business Abroad with the Experience and Knowledge Gained in Turkey

Working with Social Responsibility Awareness

Continuing our activities in compliance with the Current Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Legislation, Administrative Regulations and Legal Conditions

Supporting and Developing Occupational Health and Safety Culture

Using Safe Equipment and Appropriate Technologies for a Healthy and Safe Working Environment

Ensuring the Participation of All Levels of the Organization and Stakeholders in the Improvement of Occupational Health and Safety Practices

Developing and Continuing Training and Activities for Our Employees and Employees of Supplier Companies, Visitors and Interns for the Adoption of Our Occupational Health and Safety Principles

Complying with Current Occupational Health and Safety Legislation and Other Requirements in Every Country We Operate

Developing Renewable Energy Systems Sensitive to Environment, Living Beings and Humans

Carrying out Necessary Works and Creating Awareness for the Protection and Recovery of the Existing Natural Resources and Minimizing Waste

Leaving a Healthy Environment for Future Generations by Preserving Our Limited Natural Resources with the Consciousness of “Respect for the Environment”

Working for the Improvement of Environmental Awareness of All Relevant Parties, Including Customers, Employees and Suppliers

Improving the Existing System Continuously by Taking Necessary Preventive Initiatives to Eliminate and Minimize the Environmental Impacts Caused by the Activities that are Conducted

Complying with Legislation and Administrative Regulations on Information Security

Protecting the Confidentiality of Information of All Parties in Personal and Electronic Communications and Information Exchanges with Third Parties

Carrying out Activities to Raise Information Security Awareness of All Employees

Reporting Dangers, Violations and Vulnerabilities in Information Security and Taking Precautions to Avoid Recurrence

Ensuring that Internal Information Resources are not Shared with Unauthorized People

Ensuring that the Information Resources of the Institution are not Used for Activities Contrary to the Laws and Related Regulations of the Republic of Turkey

Dealing with the three basic elements of the Information Security Management System, namely Confidentiality, Integrity and Accessibility, within the framework of Risk Management, providing a framework for achieving business continuity and information security objectives, and improving the system continuously.

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